Work with us

Italy and Europe are lands of great interest to us. Every city, district, neighborhood has their own sports teams and associations, private and public schools, businesses, companies…all of them are potential customers for us.

If you are a sales agent, a promoter, a broker or if you’re interested in a franchise relationship send your CV (with authorization ex lege 196/2003 (IT)) to and we’ll consider the more interesting candidacies.


Europe is still a good place to work in if you want to work hard, bank on your skills, establish yourself with an original idea for a wide and varied market like the sticker albums’ one.
A sticker album isn’t just a matter of newsagents, instead it’s a powerful marketing tools to establish your association, business or company in your community.

We’ll give you the vocational training with the related marketing and contracts-drawing tools and complete editorial service to realize all concepts, all you’ll have to deal with is sale in your local area and the necessary after-sale support to start the earnings virtuous cycle.

But remember: a serious job with easy earnings doesn’t exist without effort and investment in yourself and your work. We’re not selling you office furniture, supplies, computers or printers. We’re also not forcing you to buy a certain amount of albums and stickers every month.

What we care about is letting our brand in good hands and giving you the opportunity of earning money, because that’s the only way we can earn too. With very little you’ll have all the tools to believe in yourself and a successful idea.


Publishing your own album is becoming a fun and fascinating experience for various reasons.
With only a little investment and the help of digital technology, it’s possible to realize a dream common to many people.