The concept

realizzare nel miglior modo possibile album e figurine per voi, per raccontare attraverso le immagini le vostre storie, il vostro sport, la vostra comunità, la vostra azienda ed i suoi prodotti

In the famous italian “Treccani” dictionary you’ll read:

Sticker: small colored image, similar to the cromolitographies that were once applied to matchboxes or to those that merchants insert in some of their products’ package to reward customers who received the rarest ones with prizes.
Similar stickers portray various subjects and are sold in small packs in news kiosks (especially to kids), then applied to special albums with collection purpose.

Album: a bound or loose-leaf book made up of blank pages for storing or displaying photographs or for collecting autographs. In particular: photo a., stamp a., sticker a., … family a. that collects (often in chronological order) family portraits in various important moments in the family’s life. Sometimes the same phrase is used figuratively to express family history, similarities in personality and behavior between relatives, and such.

This is what we deal with: creating albums and stickers for you in the best possible way, to narrate your story, your sport, your community, your business and its products, your past, present and future life…through images.


Publishing your own album is becoming a fun and fascinating experience for various reasons.
With only a little investment and the help of digital technology, it’s possible to realize a dream common to many people.