sports club

società sportive

What an effort, what a commitment, what a passion from managers, athletes and parents of the amateur sports clubs that proliferate all across Europe, from the big metropolis to the small village! Everywhere, everyone is driven by the same desire to make an effort, play, have fun, be part of a tournament or a championship, to “hit the big time” and deserve a marvelous player card like the mythical Panini collections.

We can develop collections made of every kind and number of stickers you want, starting from a minimum of 25 albums. This gives you the opportunity to generate a good revenue (deriving from product sale plus sponsorships and ads included in the album, which will be completely up to you).

This can be a small investment that’ll help your team pay for equipment, jerseys, trainers, coaches and all the other expenses involved in managing a sports association. Clicking on Estimate costs it will be easy to have your budget preview, then, requirements for Albums at no cost can be met, in which you collaborate with us in exchange for a commission on stickers and albums sale…


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Publishing your Album have become a beautiful and funny activity in various ways.
Thanks to Digital technologies it's possibile, with a little amount of money
realize a dream common to many people.