No cost

Sticker album at no cost…
Great profit, minimum effort.

We produce sticker album for your sports team, school, district, business without any cost or advance payment and with a guaranteed profit.


We create and produce every design and customize them following our partners’ necessities and desires, from cover to cover. Design, printing, packaging, shipping and supply are all included services. You’ll never see similar albums between similar businesses. You’ll have YOUR OWN and exclusively designed album.
You don’t have to deal with anything, just choose the best content and send us the pictures. You’ll actually be our partners!

This way, albums become effective means of communications within your local area, showcases for the sporting activities in the community, alternative ways of describing a school, memories of a year of work…with the goal of increasing sign-ups of your association, improving the reputation of your activity or giving your ideas the acknowledgement they deserve.


Stickers and albums will be delivered to you on consignment (agreement to pay after goods are sold). You will only pay us our percentage on the sold goods after deducting your commission. Then, after the first sale maybe you’ll be able to earn more money through alternative sales conditions we’ll offer (and you’ll be free to accept or decline).

With us you’ll receive a nice additional remuneration for your collaboration, besides the best commission in the stickers sales field.


Publishing your own album is becoming a fun and fascinating experience for various reasons.
With only a little investment and the help of digital technology, it’s possible to realize a dream common to many people.